Chrissy & Ryan, April 5th 2014, Los Angeles

This wedding? Fun. Serious fun. These two love each other and love life. They surround themselves with good friends and loving family. The day started at the Dixie Hollywood Hotel. From there, we all took the Metro to The Holding Co. Chrissy handmade everything, from the bouquets to the ceremony backdrop. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for letting us capture your day!


02_001__K6B8764 03_035__K6B8842 04_082__K6B907105_084__K6B9078 06_018__K6B8779 07_073__K6B8987 08_003__20A0694 09_002__20A0765 10_006__MG_4451 11_107__K6B9181 12_114__MG_4624 13_053__MG_4743 14_063__K6B9259 15_030__MG_4646 16_119__20A1116 17_118__K6B9654 18_144__K6B9793 19_064__K6B9278 20_077__K6B9338 21_068__20A1168 22_096__K6B9466 23_043__MG_4705 24_011__20A0841 25_035_003__K6B0041 26_030__MG_4802 27_057_024__20A1308 28_006__MG_9124 29_075__MG_4933 30_079_041__K6B0269 31_110_067__K6B0303 32_022__MG_4786 33_090_047__20A1376 34_130_086__20A1476 35_104_061__20A1427 36_119_075__20A1496 37_106_063__K6B0328 38_152_099__20A1555 39_157_104__K6B0411 40_161_108__K6B0422 41_163__MG_4970 42_219__20A2105 43_224__20A2124 44_202__K6B0465 45_023__MG_4897 46_062__20A2206 47_182__20A2890 48_047__MG_4856 49_152__20A2711 50_164__K6B0848 51_163__K6B0845 52_110__K6B0626 53_085__20A2304 54_090__K6B0557 55_100__K6B0597


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Westside Mommy, Ruby
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 10:07:13

    Great pics! I love the adventure, and I love seeing the same venue I used for my wedding party being used!


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